Mexican Food – Dishes Made In Mexico

Mexican food is a bit of a misnomer since there are so many other kinds of “foods” that come from south of the border. Nonetheless, what is really special about Mexican food is the incredible variety that exists. It is worth noting that Mexican cuisine spans such diverse regions as the western coast down to the eastern ones. One can find the spice and preparation of Mexican food to be distinctive, yet quite similar to other countries in terms of the ethnic variation evident. The variation in taste is due largely to the various mixes of the different cultures of the country, which are, of course, also reflected in the cooking techniques and ingredients used.

Dishes prepared in Mexico are famous all over the world, and it is not difficult for someone to find an eatery or restaurant offering these delectable dishes. Mexican food is famous for the use of heavy spices, such as chili powder and black pepper, and for the heavy sauces that are typical, such as those containing garlic and onions. These dishes are famous all over the world for their flavour and spiciness.

In Mexico, particularly the more rural regions, home-made food is very popular, especially when it is made with fresh, natural ingredients. Traditional Mexican food is not only known for being incredibly colourful and delicious, but also for being healthy and nutritious, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of protein. Chicken is a very popular meal, especially in tacos and burritos. Pastas, especially the classic kind made with beans, are very popular as well and are served alongside salads. Rice is not a staple food in Mexico, but rather a side dish. Most Mexican food is made with fresh raw ingredients and little or no seasoning and is prepared in ceramic pots or bowls.